​Ankabut runs dedicated physical nameservers, which an institution can then link to web server(s) using the web hosting’s DNS Clustering feature. This means that any change to web server's DNS information will automatically be sent to the cluster server, eliminating the need to run nameserver software on the web server.

The main advantage is stability: if your web server has an outage, your DNS information stays accessible, even when your web server is offline. This allows visitors to reach websites on your server more quickly after the web server comes back online.

Primary Nameserver Service provides a basic DNS service for Ankabut members based on high availability primary and secondary nameservers that satisfy DNS queries for the zone data they hold. The servers are situated on the Ankabut backbone. The service is ideal for some small organisations which do not have the resources themselves to operate nameservers and maintain DNS information.

Secondary Nameserver Service is available to any member with a primary connection to Ankabut. Under this service Ankabut will arrange for a secondary nameserver to be run on the customer's behalf at a remote site on the Ankabut network.

Off-site Resolver Service provides a DNS resolver service.  Ankabut is seeking a Domain Name Registration provides a service for the registration of .ac.ae and .ae domains.

How Can an Institution request this Service?

    If your institution already has access to Reach, our ServiceDesk, please submit a request for DNS Hosting service in the self-service section under the “ Request a New Service ” category. CLICK HERE to access reach.

    If your institution does not have an Ankabut Reach account, please CLICK HERE to request Ankabut Service Request. A member of our IT Services team will coordinate with the relevant technical department at Ankabut and will get in touch with you within 2 business days.

    Only Ankabut member institutions are eligible for this service. To inquire about the many benefits of Ankabut membership, please CLICK HERE to reach a member of our team.