Ankabut is not only a national research and education network.  Ankabut is also the co-coordinating point for the UAE for international collaboration.  To this effect, Ankabut has a 155.52mbit/s uncontended leased line to New York and transit agreements with Internet2 to connect to any academic related institution in the world. Ankabut is liaising with government-approved parties in other neighboring countries to determine the possibility of collaboration through international interconnect services. This way academic institutions all over the GCC community can interact, and share a collective goal of empowering education, research which flow through to fostering new technology and business development within the region.

How Can an Institution request this Service?

    If your institution already has access to Reach, our ServiceDesk, please submit a request for International Network service in the self-service section under the “ Request a New Service ” category. CLICK HERE to access reach.

    If your institution does not have an Ankabut Reach account, please CLICK HERE to request Ankabut Service Request. A member of our IT Services team will coordinate with the relevant technical department at Ankabut and will get in touch with you within 2 business days.

    Only Ankabut member institutions are eligible for this service. To inquire about the many benefits of Ankabut membership, please CLICK HERE to reach a member of our team.