It is an integrated learning platform for educational institutions; that allows faculty and students to collaborate and connect around content and activities. The intuitive, feature-rich platform provides innovative opportunities for authentic assessment, while offering students on-demand access to course material Each institute is able to get its own branding and landing page in the ILP.
By using this service:

  • Each institute is capable to assign its own system admin in the ILP.
  • Each institute has its own access to its courses, and other ILP tools and features.
  • Each institute is capable of providing its own usage reports in the ILP.
  • Integrate LMS with Unified Banner System so it will allow End to End Process to be completed in smooth way.

How Can an Institution request this Service?

    If your institution already has access to Reach, our ServiceDesk, please submit a request for Learning Management System (LMS) service in the self-service section under the “ Request a New Service ” category. CLICK HERE to access reach.

    If your institution does not have an Ankabut Reach account, please CLICK HERE to request Ankabut Service Request. A member of our IT Services team will coordinate with the relevant technical department at Ankabut and will get in touch with you within 2 business days.

    Only Ankabut member institutions are eligible for this service. To inquire about the many benefits of Ankabut membership, please CLICK HERE to reach a member of our team.