The Ankabut Videoconferencing Service is able to offer High Definition videoconferencing through a unified communication core infrastructure for those organisations with HD CODECs, HD cameras and HD displays.  The new MCUs are capable of bridging between HD and SD by H.323 or SIP endpoints seamlessly allowing organisations with legacy or cutting edge equipment to videoconference with each other .


Unified communication describes an integration of real-time enterprise communication tools, which includes voice, telepresence, instant messaging tools etc. into a consistent and unified user interface and user experience across in many devices and many locations. How Does the Unified Communication Platform Work at Ankabut?

The Ankabut unified communication platform is a complete telepresence system from our partners Polycom. It encompasses call and multimedia/cross-media message-management functions controlled by an individual user for both business and social purposes. This includes any enterprise informational or transactional application process that emulates a human user and uses a single, content-independent personal messaging channel (mailbox) for contact access. Ankabut also offers AnkaMedia, our video content management system as part of the unified communication platform.

The solution integrates with enterprise applications such as Lync (now Skype-for-business), Active Directory, Exchange etc. It includes features such as voice and video chat, whiteboard functionality, meeting scheduling, remote classroom and live streaming to name a few.


Our platform includes features such as voice and video chat, whiteboard functionality, meeting scheduling, remote classroom and live streaming. It is accessible anywhere, anytime on any device over the web. In addition, AnkaMedia, the video content management system in our unified communication platform, allows users to stream live educational content from anywhere in the world.

Furthermore, the platform integrates seamlessly with enterprise applications such as Lync (now Skype-for-Business), Active Directory, Exchange, etc.

SIP and H323 are two different protocols used in unified communication. Ankabut’s Unified Communication platform gives users the flexibility to choose either.

How Can an Institution request this Service?

    If your institution already has access to Reach, our ServiceDesk, please submit a request for Unified Communications (Video Conferencing) service in the self-service section under the “ Request a New Service ” category. CLICK HERE to access reach.

    If your institution does not have an Ankabut Reach account, please CLICK HERE to request Ankabut Service Request. A member of our IT Services team will coordinate with the relevant technical department at Ankabut and will get in touch with you within 2 business days.

    Only Ankabut member institutions are eligible for this service. To inquire about the many benefits of Ankabut membership, please CLICK HERE to reach a member of our team.