01 What is Ankabut?

Ankabut is the UAE's Advanced National Research and Education Network (NREN). It is a non- profit organization responsible for overseeing the research and education network created by Khalifa University for providing educational technologies and services and supports UAE government, higher education institutions, research centers and schools. Ankabut's team of experts working on managing Ankabut's educational research network which connects its member researchers to research networks around the world. Moreover, working with its partners, Ankabut also is leading the network projects for the purpose of emerging new technologies and educational solutions to build up the e- infrastructure to support the knowledge growth in the UAE. It also provides its member educational institutions and research centers with highly effective educational processes, services along with access to managing shared IT services.

02 What does Ankabut Do?

  • Connects academia to advance IP networking
  • Establishes a forum to discuss and encourage collaboration
  • Encourages collaborative research within the UAE
  • Provides a mechanism to share lectures
  • Encourages inter-library access
  • Increases collaboration with international universities
  • Connects international institutions to home networks
  • Enables applications on the IP network.

03 Why is there a fee to join Ankabut and be its member?

Ankabut members pay an annual fee that helps support the cost of coordinating network and developing new services.   

04 How much does it cost to join Ankabut's membership?

Ankabut has a distinct annual fee structure for its two membership categories.  
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05 Does my organization have to join Ankabut to use Ankabut network?

Yes. When members join and are connected to the network, an Acceptable Use Policy is shared and signed as well. The network cannot be used for commercial gain.

06 What are the free services obtained by Ankabut Members?

Ankabut provides a list of valuable and free services to its member such as Network Services, DNS Services, Eduroam, webhosting and many more. For further information on the list of free services provided to members (click here

07 What is the Ankabut Users Meeting?

Ankabut Users' Meeting is an annual event that aims at bringing all the innovation and inspiration to the educational technology and would inspires educators to discover the latest innovative educational technology.  The Users’ Meeting provides targeted visibility in the education, research and technology communities.