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Membership Overview

In the UAE’s rapidly evolving business landscape, building strategic partnerships is as important for established corporations as it is for new ventures. Ankabut interconnects universities and other eligible members with a 10G backbone and 1G access links. It enables a closed community network that allows the transfer of real-time services such as converged IM, voice and video communication, time-critical services such as grid computing interconnect (cloud computing), non-real time services such as e-learning, email, library interconnect, off-site disaster recovery, global federated single-sign-on and Wi-Fi networking to name a few.

With the high-bandwidth access and high-definition media capabilities the Ankabut Network enables, every person and organization connected to the Ankabut Network becomes a potential collaborator.

Become a Member: Why Join Ankabut?

Ankabut Membership Builds Partnerships

Members of Ankabut network form valuable partnerships within its specialized communities of interest—including working groups, special interest groups, and advisory groups. Through these partnerships, they contribute to development projects, stay abreast of advances in specific disciplines and industry sectors, build visibility within targeted market niches, and even influence the development of technology protocols and standards.

Industry Membership: Endless Possibilities

The nationwide, high-performance Ankabut Network reaches not only the UAE member institutions, but through international partnerships, Ankabut members can collaborate with counterparts and colleagues on over 100 international networks around the world.

Ankabut Membership Brings Prestige

Ankabut membership differentiates your organization from your competitors. Associating your brand with the UAE research and education networking community sends an important message: that your mission is to lead, to be one of the shapers of the nation’s networking future.

Industry members play a high-profile; influential role in the Ankabut community, demonstrating their leadership by making significant contributions in support of the development and deployment of advanced Internet applications and services. Equipment, cash, software, personnel, consulting, and services are examples of the potential donations by corporations. Industry members may also serve on Ankabut advisory councils, which provide valuable input and strategic guidance on matters related to advanced networking in research and education.

Ankabut Membership Brings Recognition

UAE’s academic researchers, faculty and students that have access to Ankabut represent a powerful, technology-savvy market segment. They include students at UAE’s top universities, many of whom will become the business leaders, knowledge professionals and end consumers of tomorrow.

Members are recognized at meetings and events, on the Ankabut website and the use of the Ankabut logo to show you are a member of this prestigious organization.

Membership Structure

Ankabut is a not-for-profit organization. Membership fees are invested in the operation and development of Ankabut, services for our members and the efficient running of the network.

Ankabut membership is open to research, education, and innovation organizations in the UAE. Ankabut institutional members are organizations committed to the goals of Ankabut related to the advanced networking technology, educational applications and services. Institutional Membership entitles your organization to use Ankabut as much and as often as you wish; there are no bandwidth constraints.

Ankabut industry members are committed to promoting the development and deployment of advanced Internet applications and network services. Ankabut Industry Members make significant commitments to collaborating with Ankabut institutional members.

Members are invoiced by Ankabut. Payment schedule is determined on a case by case basis. Benefits for all institutions include:

Benefits for Industry Members include

  • Eligibility to serve on Ankabut Advisory and Technical Committees
  • Free Attendance to Ankabut Users' Meeting & 50% discount on sponsorship categories for Users' Meeting
  • Recognition on Ankabut web site
  • Use of Ankabut Logo to show you are a member

Moreover, being a member of Ankabut, you will be entitled to a number of free and effective services.
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01 Institutional Members by Connected Site fees

Institutional Members by Connected Site
Higher Education Institutions located in UAE
K-12 Schools
Other research and development institutions
Public libraries
Health Services and Centers

02 Industry Members by Organization

Industry Members by Organization
Corporate Member (non-connection)

What are Ankabut Membership Privileges?

Being a member of Ankabut, you will be entitled to receive a number of important free services along with your membership.
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