Ankabut offers disaster recovery as a service to member institutions. Simply put, disaster recovery (DR) is part of an overall IT strategy to ensure that vital technologies and systems remain available following any disaster that threatens the technical resources or infrastructure of the institution on site. In Disaster Recovery as a Service, physical or virtual servers are replicated and hosted at an external and secure data centre to enable complete recovery in the cloud. How Does Disaster Recovery as-a-Service Work at Ankabut?

Through the Ankabut Tier 3 data centre, we are able to ensure the continuity of critical services for our members. Our image-based replication provides cloud-based disaster recovery through partnership with a trusted DRaaS provider in the region. We guarantee performance and consistency for members, who can rest assured that their critical computing services will remain available to users during any failures or outages.


Using the Ankabut Cloud for disaster recovery results in physical infrastructure cost savings by lowering data centre storage-space needed, IT infrastructure usage and other equipment requirements. The Ankabut Disaster Recovery cloud service has a low Recovery Time Objective (RTO), which ensures business continuity for clients. The RTO includes time needed to detect failure and prepare any virtual or physical servers, initialize the failed application and reconfigure any network settings.

The Ankabut Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service also has a low Recovery Point Objective (RPO). Through frequent backups, the amount of potential data loss is significantly reduced during a disaster situation.

Furthermore, Our DR solution ensures that any application can be restored to a consistent state. This ensures data and output accuracy. The Ankabut DRaaS solution also has minimal impact on normal operations after recovery.

Finally, a major benefit of the Ankabut cloud-based DR is the pay-per-usage model. This allows small institutions the benefit of superior disaster recovery capability that could otherwise only be available to larger organizations with significant resources.

Ankabut DR and Business Continuity

What we offer?
Dashboards to view real time RTO & RPO Levels, Replications Status, etc.
Options to host both Production/DR sites : Multiple data centres located 40 km apart
Customized design & architecture DR solutions to meet your specific RTO & RPO requirements.
Cost effective Dedicated Physical infrastructure or Cloud based Disaster Recovery Services
Replication & DR Management/Automation solution Conduct Dr Drills, Initiate Dr Failover/Fail Back etc.

Benefits of Disaster Recovery Services


With our state-of-the-art Data Centre infrastructure, backup and advanced Disaster Recovery services, your business-critical data are secure both physically and digitally

Reduced Downtime

Our Disasters Recovery Solutions and Co-location services minimize downtime and keeps your business up and running

Customized Solutions

As UAE's leading Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Service Providers, we offer tailored solutions

Core Business Focus

With our Desaster Recovery service, your staff can focus on core strategic activities

Quality of Service

Guaranteed SLAs ensure quality of service

24/7 Operations

Round-the-clock managed operations and support ensuring near-zero downtime

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