Provision virtual machines from a pool of resources and pay for what you use
Flexibility to choose between Managed & Unmanaged Private Cloud
You can scale up or down when needed
Guaranteed uptime backed by credit based Service Level Agreements
Your data is stored in the UAE, promising lower latency and local support
Highly secure infrastructure backed by a team of security experts


Mozoon is a cloud solution hosted in Ankabut to empower the role of Ankabut in supporting the education and the R&D in UAE along with enhancing the education experience by hosting vendors solutions. The IaaS stands for : Infrastructure As A Service, which means that Ankabut provides the infrastructure that will allow  the client or vendor to manage the allocated resources in this infrastructure. Moreover, Ankabut allows clients through this service to install and configure OS, applications and network and manage the resources of these infrastructures. Infrastructure mean in this stage means computing resources such as memory, storage, CPU and network. Mozoon is a very dynamic service by which the client can request resources as needed. In addition to that, Mozoon is a Re-locatable service. The resources can be relocated to another client if the first client does not need it anymore. For example, a teacher can use a resource for a course and at the end of the semester the resources can be relocated to another one.

The features of this service include:

  • Accessibility from anywhere.
  • Accessibility anytime.
  • Hosted and managed locally by Ankabut team.

All Ankabut registered members can benefit from this service which can be requested by Ankabut Reach.

How Can an Institution request this Service?

    If your institution already has access to Reach, our Service Desk, please submit a request for service in the self-service section under the
    Request a New Service ” category. CLICK HERE to access reach.
    If you do not have reach account yet, please CLICK HERE to Apply, Ankabut team will contact you shortly.

    If institution are interested of Ankabut Service Request Please CLICK HERE.
    If you are an educational institute and you are interested of Ankabut membership (benefits and value adds), please CLICK HERE to Apply, Ankabut team will contact you shortly