Network & Connectivity Services

As the National Research and Education Network (NREN) for the UAE, Ankabut provides dedicated, unconstrained network connectivity for eligible research and educational (R&E) institutions throughout the country. This network also connects our institutions to the global R&E communities via state-of-the-art network technology that is operated by Ankabut’s high caliber team of experts.

The core Ankabut network is made up of 10 Gbit/s connectivity between core routers located in all major cities. Using the latest networking technology, Ankabut connects eligible establishments by dark fiber to the city pop and transmits at 1 Gbit/s to the city router. All network connectivity services are implemented using the Internet Protocol over Ethernet and incorporate jumbo frames. The network is the only one in the UAE that is both IPv4 and IPv6 enabled. For global connectivity, Ankabut has a 155.52mbit/s uncontended leased line to New York and transit agreements with Internet2 to connect to any academic related institution in the world.

Acting as an Internet Service Provider solely dedicated to research and education needs, Ankabut operates the national backbone that allows member institutions to connect to each other and to the networks of their global counterparts. By repurposing a portion of the national provider’s fiber network and using the latest networking technology, we are able to offer members the exclusive access to our high speed, high reliability and high performance networking services.

Connectivity to the Ankabut network allows members to avail themselves of a host of cloud and technology services that we offer exclusively to our members. We believe our network is one that will revitalize the UAE knowledge community and will provide support for a truly collaborative research and education community on the national and global fronts.

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