Security Monitoring

Provide 24-hour Monitoring

Most organizations are online and are continuously connected through multiple WAN and Internet Networks. However, a lot of these organizations do not have the resources to monitor their IT security across all hours of every day. Offering round-the-clock monitoring takes the burden off resource constrained organizations, and helps reduce their cybersecurity risk both during and outside of regular business hours.

Monitor Cloud Environments and Applications

Many organizations are considering, or have already begun, the drive toward deploying infrastructure in the cloud or even using cloud applications for workloads such as e-mail, collaboration, CRM, and identity and access management. However, traditional security tools and existing expertise lack the capability of monitoring these environments, creating an increasing opportunity to help organizations on their respective journeys to the cloud.

The features of this service include:

  • Accessibility from anywhere.
  • Accessibility anytime.
  • Free for academic use.
  • Hosted and managed locally by Ankabut team.

All Ankabut registered members can benefit from this service which can be requested by Ankabut Reach.