Ankabut provides comprehensive yet affordable Automated Time Attendance Systems which allow you to record & track the Attendance of your employees where ever they are. So, if you are looking for a reliable Time Attendance system which increases your operational efficiency; Ankabut offers its customers a solution with the following features:

Ankabut Time Attendance Service's Features are:

  • Fully scalable and reliable.
  • User-friendly GUI
  • Available in Arabic/English interface.
  • 100% Web Based
  • Attractive Add-on Modules such as E-mail notification, automated Workflows and Approvals and much more.
  • Powerful reporting tool with custom report generator
  • Configurable parameters and policies
  • Can be easily integrated with third party applications.
  • Supports different communication methods.
  • Support different schedule types such as Flexible, Advanced and Normal Schedules.
  • Supports a wide range of reliable and configurable Time Attendance Terminals with:
    • Different card reader types (Mifare, iClass, Proximity)
    • Different fingerprint readers (Optical, Capacitive, Vein Readers).
    • Face recognition, Hand & Finger geometry readers.
    • Full-color touch screen displays.
    • Customized Lenses and keypads.

Ankabut has in-house software development team, which can support clients with installation, integration, customization and new feature development

Security Management

  • Dynamic System access level definition
  • Multiple groups
  • Integration with Active directory
  • User access per organization level

Dynamic Organization Hierarchy Definition

  • Multiple Organizations
  • Define organization structure with unlimited levels
  • Work locations for Organization
  • Default policy for organization and levels

Employee Management System

  • Time Attendance Policies
  • Overtime Rules
  • Leaves and Permission history
  • Schedule and multiple cards manager

Multiple Categorizations for Employee

  • Organization hierarchy
  • Work location
  • Employee Group
  • Grade and Designation

Define Dynamic Time Attendance Policies & overtime Rules

  • Definition of Logical absent Rules
  • Violations per origination policy
  • Grace Period per policy our Schedule

Leave Rule Definition & Leave balance Calculation

  • Leave rules and restrictions
  • Automatic balance calculation according to Rule
  • Monthly or yearly balancing
  • Include or exclude off days and holidays


  • Permission rules and restrictions
  • Ability to Map with Attendance Reason
  • Ability to deduct from leave balance
  • Ability to define extra balance

Mobile Application

  • Leave Request and Work flow
  • Permission Request and Work flow
  • Employee Reports and Notifications

Email Alerts & Notifications

  • Customized definitions of email template
  • Customized selection of notification type
  • Customized selection of work flow emails
  • Customized selection of email recipient

SMS Alerts & Notifications

  • Customized definitions of SMS template
  • Customized selection of notification type
  • Customized selection of work flow emails
  • Customized selection of SMS recipient


  • Daily and Transactions Report
  • Leaves and permissions
  • Violations and Summary
  • Dynamic Reports


  • Attendees and absent
  • Delay and Early out
  • Daily transactionsa and Leaves
  • Summary
  • Administration and definitions
  • Employees management
  • Daily tasks management
  • Employee Self Services and different level of manager approvals
  • Automatic active directory integration and employee mapping
  • Integration with HRMS, ERP and Access Controls System
  • Flexible interface and process management

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