Ankabut Services

Ankabut’s Service Department is primarily responsible for the design and delivery of technology services for our member institutions. Ankabut believes that offering network, processing and storage support is the best way to develop a collaborative approach to research and education in the United Arab Emirates and the region as a whole.

At Ankabut, we rely on a service co-creation/co-design model with our members and partners. Our specialized team includes best-of-class experts in networking, infrastructure, operations, applications, security, integration, IT services, and educational technology. Ankabut can easily accommodate requests for new or customized services not currently in our existing portfolio.

Cloud Services

Mozoon from Ankabut has an open door to world-class, scalable, exceptionally reliable cloud services to the knowledge community in UAE.

Cloud Application Services

The evolving students and faculty need to access software whenever they want it, wherever they want it, and on whichever device they want, which is challenging

Connectivity Services

The United Arab Emirates Advanced Research and Education Network provides the research and education community with high speed, broadband, highly available

Data Center Services

Colocation is the practice of renting space for your servers and other computing hardware at a third-party provider’s data center facility.

HPC Services

High performance computing refers to having a very high computational capacity when compared to a regular computer.

Smart Campus

Video surveillance as a Service, or CCTV-as-a-Service, is where users are able to view, record, manage and remotely store video surveillance footage

Managed IT Services

Ankabut is a high rated regarded Managed Service Providers in UAE which offer value-driven solutions and a range of IT support services.

Consultancy Services

In a world of fast-changing regulations, rapidly advancing technology and dynamic markets, it is essential to keep your staff and organization up to speed

Security Services

Ana-SOC is the first Security Operation Center (SOC) dedicated for education and research institutions in the GCC.

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