HPC Services

Use our HPC (High-performance computing) cluster infrastructure to distribute your time consuming, complex computations and deliver results at phenomenal speeds.

Our HPC cluster consists of 90+ high spec’d servers that combine & work together to solve complex, compute intensive, time consuming programs in a small fraction of that time*.

High-performance computing is used in by various applications in finance, genomics, applied sciences, engineering, Aerospace, Urban planning, animation & rendering and any field that requires heavy calculations.

*  The programs that you will run on the HPC must be capable of distributed computing.

  • Any member institution in the UAE can avail themselves of our high-performance computing environment without incurring any capital costs, due to Ankabut’s initial capital investment into the HPC infrastructure.
  • Ankabut HPC is hosted in UAE and provides data sovereignty and security for researchers
  • Quick delivery of services
  • hands-on training for our HPC users from highly-qualified HPC experts
Transform the way you deliver IT