Smart CCTV

Video surveillance as a Service, or CCTV-as-a-Service, is where users can view, record, manage, and remotely store video surveillance footage completely in the cloud. Often, the client only requires access to the internet and an IP camera, and recordings are managed through a centralized system hosted on the provider’s site. Users can then access recordings from anywhere using their devices and an internet connection.

  • Compliant with UAE Government, Policy, and MCC (UAE Monitoring and Control Centre) requirements
  • Real-time access to the footage on the secure Ankabut cloud from any device from any location

How Does CCTV Video Surveillance As A Service Work At Ankabut?

At Ankabut, our CCTV over the cloud is completely compliant with UAE Government, Police, and MCC (UAE Monitoring and Control Centre) requirements. The footage is retained on-site at the institution for 15 days, after which it is moved to Ankabut central storage. Our cloud service is reliable and redundant with active maintenance support for 5 years.

Our system includes all cameras, servers, storage, workstations and displays, networking, passive components, and Video Insight¸ our enterprise Video Management System client that allows centralized IP camera viewing and management from any server.

What Value Does This Service Add To Ankabut Members?

The Ankabut CCTV system provides clients with real-time access to the footage on the secure Ankabut cloud anywhere from any device, as our VMS is web-based with cross-browser functionality. Clients who use our CCTV cloud solution realize significant cost savings as they don’t have to invest in on-site storage, networking, and security facilities. Because it is a cloud-hosted solution, the Ankabut CCTV service is also scalable; cameras and additional storage can be added as needed.

Hosting in the Ankabut cloud also offers peace of mind through our reliable network and our enhanced data security features. Cloud hosting video content eliminates threats of data loss due to physical disasters or tampering. In addition, cloud hosting allows the system to run and backup 24/7, allowing for greater video data available for clients to analyze or archive should they need to.

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