Ankabut Integrates Educhain to Launch Digital Certificates Platform for the UAE

Ankabut Integrates Educhain to Launch Digital Certificates Platform for the UAE

Ankabut Blockchain to Provide Applications to Manage, Issue, Attest, Share, and Verify Any Academic Record

November 25, 2020 – Abu Dhabi, UAE – The Khalifa University of Science and Technology managed Ankabut, the Emirates Advanced National Research and Education Network, today announced – has launched ‘Ankabut Blockchain’, a digital certificate platform for the issuance, attestation, and exchange of digital certificates for all levels of education.

The integration of Educhain, a leader in UAE in education blockchain applications, by Ankabut, the UAE leader in education services and infrastructure, is significant.

Ankabut has 26 institutional members with connections to over 67 sites throughout the UAE, and offers UAE academic and research institutions connectivity to other education networks worldwide. Managed by Khalifa University of Science and Technology, Ankabut is jointly funded by the Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRA) through the ICT Fund.

The Educhain blockchain ecosystem includes several leading institutions in the UAE such as Khalifa University, UAE University, and Zayed University. The integration with Ankabut provides a secure, robust, scalable platform, accessible to all academic institutions across all Emirates in the UAE.

Ankabut Blockchain serves schools, institutions, universities, and regulators to digitize academic records and attestations. It provides applications to manage, issue, attest, share, and verify any academic record. Learners receive a digital wallet to manage their academic records from all schools, institutions, and universities in the network.

The ecosystem moves all certificates and records fully online, from the issuance, to attestation, sharing, and verifying. It integrates blockchain applications into their processes and workflow – moving from physical processes to digital – saving time and costs for all parties, collecting data and insights, and allowing recipients to verify all documents online.

Ankabut Blockchain is also developing new applications for digital badging, equivalencies, and credit transfers, among others, to serve both academia and government.

Fahem Al Nuaimi, Ankabut CEO, commented; “Academia must seriously consider the next step after e-learning. As restrictions on travel continue both locally and abroad, learners are no longer able to receive and share their degrees and other accomplishments. The UAE needs to be ready for the next stage, a “2.0” moment, to securely digitize academic records, attestations, equivalencies, and credit transfers, moving fully online.”

Mark Balovnev, CEO at Educhain, added; “We are very excited to work with Ankabut to be the partner of choice for every online certification. As the world shifts to digital, we are here to support institutions in these challenging times, to serve their learners and partners safely and effectively through digital channels.”

Ankabut Blockchain is also in line with the UAE’s Emirates Blockchain Strategy 2021, enabling all academic institutions to digitize their certificates and enabling government and regulators to play a role in the network. As the UAE looks to conduct 50% of government transactions on the federal level using blockchain technology by 2021, securely digitizing education records and attestations is a natural next step.

Through providing a unique digital wallet for each learner, the “Academic Passport”, Ankabut Blockchain aligns with the UAE 50-Year charter, a central education file for every citizen – “documenting all the academic degrees obtained, classes and training taken, and conferences attended”.

About Ankabut

Ankabut is the United Arab Emirates’ Advanced National Research and Education Network, and the UAE leader for education services and infrastructure. It has 26 institutional members with connections to over 67 sites throughout the UAE, and offers UAE academic & research institutions connectivity to other education networks worldwide. Ankabut also co-operates on a national, GCC, regional and international arena representing the UAE in conferences, exhibitions and forums. Ankabut aims to offer professional and innovative IT services with a focus on the research and educational sector. Services include Cloud, Connectivity, IT infrastructure, managed service and professional services such as IT Consultancy, Project Management, Licenses, Training and Development.

Ankabut interconnects more than 80 tenants with a 10G backbone and 1G access links.  It enables a closed community network that allows the transfer of real-time services such as voice and video communication, time-critical services such as grid computing interconnect (cloud computing), public internet services, web hosting (C panel), co-locating, Edu-roam, High Performance Computing (HPC), Learning Management System (LMS), Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI), Mozoon system and Sierra Library Management System.

Ankabut supports initiatives in the e-learning environment, library content and distribution systems and research collaboration.  Ankabut believes that identifying these initiatives and offering network, processing and storage support is the best way to develop a collective collaborative approach to research and education. The Ankabut Project is jointly funded by the TRA through the ICT Fund, Khalifa University and member support. Ankabut is managed by Khalifa University, and the CEO of Ankabut is Fahem Al Nuaimi.

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About Educhain

Educhain, a Techstars-backed company, is the most reputable organization in MENA for blockchain in education, with the longest track record. Educhain enables institutions to issue secure verifiable digital records to learners, such as certificates, diplomas, transcripts, and letters. With presence in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Riyadh, and Vancouver, Educhain is revolutionizing education management.

About Khalifa University of Science and Technology

Khalifa University of Science and Technology is a world-class, research-intensive institution that focuses on producing world leaders and critical thinkers in applied science and engineering. Khalifa University of Science and Technology endeavors to be a catalyst to the growth of Abu Dhabi and the UAE’s rapidly developing knowledge economy as an education destination of choice and a global leader among research-intensive universities.

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