Biography Profile

Executive Vice President, Khalifa University

As Executive Vice President of Khalifa University, Dr. Arif provides comprehensive direction and strategic coordination for the expansion and management of Khalifa University and its programs.He maintains effective coordination between the university’s academic and administrative functions, overseeing and controlling student admissions, monitoring campus discipline and ensuring an environment conducive to academic excellence.

He is a board member at Strata, Mubadala’s composite aerostructures manufacturing facility and currently leading UAE universities efforts in the establishment of the Emirates Advanced Network for Research and Education. He is also member in several professional societies including the IET and IEEE. He was the UAE IEEE computer Society Chapter (Chair) for the period 2003-2008.

Ankabut is the UAE’s National Network for Research and Education and the leader of other National Research and Education Networks (NREN’s) establishments in the GCC countries.

Aspiring to be the hub for connectivity and education in technology in the region and the globe, Ankabut has successfully connected big number of campuses around the UAE with high-speed internet service, providing the education community with seamless connectivity to provide the necessary collaboration and partnership between the different campuses.

Ankabut is the main service provider for all education community needs such as eFADA, Web Hosting and Email, DNS, NTP, Videoconferencing and Grid Computing services in the UAE. Moreover, Ankabut has successfully become the 4th hub in the world for education and research.

The existence of Ankabut is of a paramount importance to the research community in the UAE. Seeing how much Ankabut has evolved over the past few years reaffirms this statement and tells us that we are on the right path towards sustaining the UAE’s leading position in the area of technology and research.

It is also an indication that the necessary advanced infrastructure is in place to continue to grow at a pace that guarantees that we stay at the forefront of the world’s innovation in technology.

At Khalifa University of Science and Technology, we pride ourselves on being the idea initiators, the founders and the host of its operations. I’m personally very excited to see what Ankabut has to offer for the coming years and how it will continue to serve the UAE’s education and research sectors using state-of-the-art services and tools.