EFADA Overview
EFADA overview


All higher education institutions in the UAE that are recognized by the Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA) are eligible for membership in eFADA. To ensure the effective operation and management of the Consortium, the Board of Directors may establish additional criteria for membership. Libraries serving cultural and research institutions with missions that complement and enhance eFADA’s primary service to academic libraries may petition for membership. The Board of Directors will establish the process for petition and the criteria for evaluation. The Board of Directors will act on petitions for membership in the best interest of the Consortium. With permission of the Board of Directors, non-members of the Consortium may participate in activities of the Board as it sees fit.


There will be one category of membership: Governing. To become a member, an institution must sign the eFADA Membership Agreement. Members will pay an annual fee to be determined by the Board of Directors of eFADA and will be eligible to access products, services, collections, and professional development offered by the Consortium. The Board of Directors will determine which specific services may be offered.


Each Governing member of eFADA will be entitled to one vote on each matter submitted to a vote of the entire membership. The director of each Governing member library or a designated representative shall be the voting representative for eFADA. A simple majority of voting members shall constitute a quorum at each meeting called to conduct business. Voting members participating by teleconference (telephone or video) shall be counted in the establishment of a quorum, and shall have voting privileges. No substitutes or proxies shall be allowed in the place of an absent voting member of the Board. If a quorum is not achieved at a meeting, then the next meeting called shall be deemed legal regardless of the number present.


While individual member libraries retain autonomy over their own operations, participation in a consortium requires collaboration and commitment to the consortium. Members must agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the eFADA Membership Agreement and any other subsidiary agreements governing participation in a specific eFADA service.

  1. eFADA members provide free and open access to eligible eFADA resources for all users of their libraries. For the purpose of eFADA access, any person on the physical premises of a member library is considered a eFADA user.
  2. eFADA members commit to free, equitable, and enhanced support for interlibrary lending among members of the consortium. Resource sharing as represented by lending arrangements is a core value of eFADA and includes both cost and opportunity elements. eFADA recognizes these elements in its annual funding and assessment requests.
  3. eFADA members contribute staff expertise for the advancement and management of eFADA through participation in eFADA initiatives. Staff members of eFADA institutions comprise committees, task forces, and work groups which provide nearly all the human resource for eFADA-related work. eFADA members share a commitment to encourage their own staff to participate in eFADA-related tasks through both formal and informal mechanisms.
  4. eFADA members share a responsibility to protect licenses negotiated by eFADA through appropriate access guidelines. eFADA members also share responsibility for selecting digital resources to be licensed by eFADA.


Members may terminate and reinstate membership under the following conditions:

  1. Any member may resign its membership in the Consortium by notifying the eFADA Executive Director in writing by December 31. Termination of membership takes effect on June 30 (6 months) following the member institution’s notification of intent to terminate. The terminating institution is, and will continue to be, responsible for any financial obligation incurred during its entire membership period.
  2. The Consortium may terminate a member of the Consortium for cause with written notice by December 31. The Director may recommend the termination and the Executive Committee votes on the recommendation. Termination of membership takes effect on June 30 (6 months) following the Consortium’s notification of intent to terminate. The terminated institution is and will continue to be responsible for any financial obligation incurred during its entire membership period.
  3. Resigned or terminated members may petition for reinstatement following the same criteria as for membership after a two-year lapse.


Ankabut acts in the capacity of fiscal and contractual agent for eFADA. Ankabut maintains the servers and provides IT support for the Consortium. A Memorandum of Understanding governs the relationship between eFADA and the Host Institution.

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