Cloud Services

The Ankabut cloud enjoys the unique advantage of being built for and by the UAE Knowledge community. It is a high value, low cost system that is backed by the region's fastest network, dedicated solely to education and research institutes. Members of Ankabut have immediate access to any application or platform hosted on the Ankabut cloud, resulting in a rapid launch of any product across multiple institutions. We offer exclusive subscription pricing to our member clients, and guarantee them the lowest prices in the United Arab Emirates for our hosted applications. The Ankabut Cloud has enabled unprecedented levels of collaboration between institutes across the UAE and globally, and has brought the UAE closer to achieving a vision of becoming the top research hub in the region.

Members who use the Ankabut cloud significantly reduce their capital and operational costs. Our state-of-the art network and data centers offer reliability and peace of mind at a fraction of the cost. Our cloud applications are highly available, redundant and scalable, which greatly helps institutions with their business continuity planning. Ankabut is proud of the integral role that our Cloud Services are playing in technology enablement across the region’s education and research landscape and we look forward to the continued success and growth of our cloud service portfolio in the years to come.

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