National Network


Ankabut’s national network provides high-capacity, high-speed broadband connectivity between educational, research, and eligible non-profit organizations in the United Arab Emirates.

The Ankabut network is provided through lease agreements by Etisalat, the UAE’s national operator. This means that Ankabut is utilizing the experience, reliability, and existing practices of the leading national operator.

Our national network provides unconstrained network capacity optimized for the needs of education and research communities. The Ankabut team comprises of telecom and computer center engineers who are first and foremost academics, and understand the requirements of research and education.

Features & Benefits

The core network is made up of 10 Gbit/s connectivity between our core routers located in all major cities. Ankabut connects eligible establishments by dark fiber to the city pop and transmits at 1 Gbit/s to the city router. All network connectivity services are implemented using the Internet Protocol over Ethernet and incorporate jumbo frames. The network is both IPv4 and IPv6 enabled.

Basic IP connectivity allows institutions to be connected and share each other’s servers, computing power, storage, and databases. The network enables a set of real-time services like voice and video conferencing, broadcasting lectures or student class, and allows subject matter experts to offer master classes from around the world.

Smaller institutions can take advantage of combining Internet1 with the research-and-education traffic to offer a seamless data package for desktops.

Multi-site institutions can be grouped with their own Virtual Private Network (VPN), this means that an institution’s private LAN can be extended to distant locations with the full knowledge that the data is transferred in a secure, reliable, and private manner.

The Ankabut organization is a Local Internet Registry (LIR), which means that those eligible to connect can request IPv4; IPv6, and AS numbers so that institutions can create their own network that is addressable by the rest of the world.

Ankabut can supply connectivity at 1Gbit/s, and for larger institutions demonstrating demand, can utilize 10Gbit/s interfacing.

Ankabut offers a reliable DNS service so that institutions perform their own domain name look-ups (NS look-up service). This allows intuitions to pinpoint their own local DNS servers to be able to resolve full qualified domain names (FQDN) from around the world.

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